Who we are: 

Euphoros Collective is a clothing company owned and run by Kaylee Schrompf and Terrance McArthur. Kaylee is a full time student achieving her Business Admin Degree and Terrance owns multiple companies besides Euphoros including Anavo Media and Synergy Holdings. 

We both have a burning passion for the business industry and when not working hard on Euphoros, we spend our time learning and collaborating on new ideas and goals. We enjoy getting to experience and expand our knowledge on other cultures and religions. Euphoros is a Christian company who is always looking to help others, whether it’s someone in need or simply helping others feel confident. We support ethical business and fashion practices as well as our suppliers. We want to make sure you feel good about your purchase in knowing that your money is going to where it should be. 

How we got here:

After realizing I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, Terrance helped accomplish my dreams of owning my own clothing boutique. Although it may sound simple, it was an enormous amount of hard work. We have both poured our hearts into trying to create the perfect Euphoros experience for you. 

Terrance and Kaylee both have experience in the fashion industry. Kaylee attended fashion school in Toronto to obtain the skills needed to run a successful clothing business. This has helped in gaining knowledge in a wide variety of textiles, learning about sustainable fashion practices and the art behind fashion design. Terrance owned XCLSV Apparel. XCLSV opened in 2016 and offered its customers comfortable loungewear. XCLSV has successfully reached a significant amount of customers in many countries. 

Why we are loved:

Euphoros isn’t just any clothing company, what makes us stand out is our relations with our customers. We focus on bringing fashion from all over the world to Canada at affordable prices. Quality is our #1 priority, we purchase our clothing from suppliers who create the comfiest, softest and most breathable garments in the styles they offer. (Nothing is worse than buying a garment and having it unravel the next week or not being comfortable to wear). 

What we offer 

Not only do we find the best pieces for you but customer service is highly valued to Euphoros. We offer our customers being able to contact us 24/7 regarding any questions and the opportunity to set up an in person appointment for styling and gifting help. We want to assist you to make sure you are fully satisfied and confident in your purchase. 

We understand technology can be frustrating at times. That’s why we have the two step payment set-up to avoid having to sit through the lengthy check outs. Our website designed by Terrance McArthur, offers our customers many perks including: two step check outs, shop the photos, Google and Apple Pay, and iMessage support. 

Why sign up for our newsletter:

Euphoros is a growing business, we launched March 1st, 2020 and constantly booming with new ideas. We want you to be a part of the experience and to know what is happening when we know. Signing up to the newsletter offers you to be the first to know about upcoming events, new ideas, perks and clothing/accessories added to our shop. Save your money with our exclusive discounts and feel at ease knowing we’ll keep you updated with all the latest trends so you never go out of style.